Oahu Pet Photographer Deb McGuire photographs Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlise and Hawaiian Humane Society President Pam Burns as they walk Hawaii Pet Walk 2011

Mayor Peter Carlise and Hawaiian Humane Society President Pam Burns

While the Humane Society marked the 21st Anniversary of the Hawaii Pet Walk, Mango participated in her first. An auspicious and somewhat serendipitous event, Mango enjoyed herself and managed her overwhelming enthusiasm in the process. Once again, hundreds of local pets and pet parents gathered in Magic Island to take advantage of the once a year amnesty in Ala Moana Park. As stated in previous blogs, the event is truly one of our favorites. The camaraderie among the pet parents is the key.

At the starting line, participants in the 2011 Hawaiian Humane Society Pet Walk at Magic Island in Ala Moana Park line up behind Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle and Hawaiian Humane Society President Pam Burns in a photograph by Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc.waiian Humane Society PetWalk

At Starting Line for the 2011 Hawaiian Humane Society Pet Walk (click photo to go to pet photography website)

Conversations about what doggy shampoos gave another pet’s soft coat or a quick apology when a dog goes right when the pet parent was looking left or compliments for the cute pink outfit and lei that bedazzle a cute dog… the latter case being our Mango. More than a few read the shameless advertising I had stenciled on Mango’s puppy “T:” “I’m a top model Deb McGuire Pet Photography.” Shameless.

A Pet Walk succeeds if the people and pets enjoy themselves, and in so doing continue to support the charity that drives the event. The Hawaiian Humane Society takes great pride in making their Pet Walk super. The sponsors, the vendors, the volunteers, and the employees of the Hawaiian Humane Society take great care and make every effort to provide the ultimate pet experience to the pets and their pet parents.

One of the many volunteers at the Hawaiian Humane Society's 2011 Pet Walk at Magic Island in Ala Moana Park by Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc.

Pet Walk Volunteer with Furry Friend Signals his Aloha

Mango’s Day

Mango, Hawaii Pet Photos and Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc. model and dog poses at Pet Walk 2011.Hawaiian dogs at the PetWalk 2011

Photo by my pal Chuck Little

Mango’s day was actually part of a Mango Weekend. Mango romped in the Hawaii Kai Dog Park on Saturday. Then, Mango followed us around as we did chores in and around the house. Tim and Mango closed out the late afternoon and early evening with a 3-mile run. This was to ensure that our canine fur ball was ready for the close encounter with several hundred new friends. Mango did awesome. We arrived before 6:30 and we were there for the entire event plus clean-up. We left around eleven. Tim and Mango walked the long course and probably an extra quarter mile as they were taking photos. To quote Tim: “Mango is tuckered.” She is sleeping in our courtyard.

“Hawaii’s Pets: Photos of Our Animal ‘Ohana”

Book cover of Pets in Hawaii by Pet photographer Deb McGuire photographed by Deb McGuire, Hawaii Pet Photographer

Hawaii Pet Photos website click here

Huge kudos to all those who purchased copies of my book, “Hawaii’s Pets: Photos of Our Animal ‘Ohana.” WE SOLD A BUNCH! Remember, a portion of the sale of each book goes to our Hawaiian Humane Society. Mutual Publishing (our publisher) deserves huge kudos for not only this charity but also for being a sponsor of this year’s Pet Walk.

Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc. model Hokulani poses in the Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc. showing off Deb's Book Hawaii's PetsPetWalk 2011 at Magic Island

Hokulani helps Deb McGuire Pet Photographer sell her book "Hawaii Pets."(click here for pet photography website)

The Usual Suspects

These events bring out a crowd of pet professionals that we have gotten to know through these events. It is always great to see them and to get their names out to the folks who follow our blog. Mary Long of Hawaii Pet Magazine brought her husband Toby, their son Robbie, and the Fall 2011 edition of “Hawaii Pet Magazine.” If you did not pick up a copy, be sure to do so. Ron Darby of the “Pet Hui” and Heather Manuel of “Tails of Hawaii” stopped by our booth. Mango and Tim stopped by Erin Gerwig’s Dogwalker Etc. booth for introductions. Mike McKenna of McKenna’s Windward Ford was stationed a couple booths away. Our new Ford Ranger from McKenna lost it’s Pet Show virginity today, as it carried the bulk of our exhibit to Magic Island.

Stepping out at the 2011 Hawaiian Humane Society's Pet Walk Magic Island at Ala Moana Park photographed by Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc.

Pets go walkabout in Ala Moana Park, Pet Walk 2011 (to see cute pet photos click here)

I want to send out a shout to Chuck Little, an outstanding amateur photographer, sometime booth babe for yours truly, and full-time supporter and friend. Chuck came to help and brought his trusty Canon. He has hung a few of his shots on Facebook.

Deb McGuire Pet Photographer Alumni and Friends

From the beginning I have explained that Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc. and HawaiiPetPhotos.com is about the pets. So, the best part of these Hawaii Pet Events is seeing old friends. So many of the pets I have photographed brought their pet parents to the Hawaii Pet Walk. Remy brought Tawnya (Tawnya watched Mango for a few minutes… Huge HELP!!). Remy is expecting!!! Sassy brought Eileen. Hokulani brought Norman and Deb. Richard accompanied his threesome, Watson, Cosmo and Pinny. Emma brought Gwen.  Theresa accompanied Shamrock and Hoss.   Mighty Mo brought John. Ernie and Kathy accompanied Shadow, Buddy, and Maika. Coco and Panini brought Erin. Gidget and Pogo who we have yet to photograph were there. Bugsy brought Dr. David.

HPU's Dance Team lead the Dog Walkers at the Hawaiian Humane Society's Pet Walk 2011 as photographed by Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, inc.

HPU Dance team leads the Pet Walk from the Start

Waimanalo Puppy Mill

We have to give a big hats off to Eileen. She has adopted one of the Puppy Mill Rescues. In fact, we met a few of them, today. 153 dogs were rescued. Some of those were pregnant. The result was 232 furry friends in need of homes. Because the number of dogs exceeded the capacity of our Hawaiian Humane Society, many were fostered out, and many of those foster parents elected to keep their new pets. Eileen says that the experience has changed her perspective. “I am telling my friends that they should never buy pets from a store. There are so many wonderful pets who need homes.”

The Hawaiian Humane Society reports that the 2011 Hawaii Pet Walk raised $50,000 more than last years events.  Way to go Hawaii!!!

Hawaiian Humane Society volunteers with signs touting adoption of strays and rescues at the 2011 Hawaii Pet Walk photographed by Deb McGuire Pet Photographer, Inc.

Volunteers along the walk course at Hawaiian Humane Society's PetWalk

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