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Positioning in the line-up

Positioning in the line-up

Abbie surfs. She is a dog, an Australian Kelpie, who gets out on the waves and surfs. But, Abbie is much more than a surfing dog. Abbie is a rescue much like my own four-legged friends. In 2006, a puppy was found wandering along the road in Silicon Valley, CA. She was rescued and eventually adopted by Michael Uy. Soon after, Michael started taking Abbie to the beach. Michael used water sports to rehab his new pup and build her confidence. It worked. She thrived and survived and eventually became one of the top surfing dogs in the World.

Waiting for the perfect wave

Waiting for the perfect wave

Abbie started surfing competitively in 2008, nine years of medals and glory have followed. She began coming to Hawaii for Duke’s Oceanfest last year. And we have been proud to photograph Abbie. She is a sweet dog with a little bit of an independent streak, which we like. Her Dad, Michael, is a very humble and sincere guy who is appreciative when people compliment Abbie or take Abbie’s photograph.

Get ready

Get ready

The emphasis here is not on the competition… the emphasis is on the bond between a pet parent and his dog. When the limelight dims, Michael and Abbie still get on a board. With no fans to cheer and no cameras, they paddle out at their home break in Del Mar.

Abbie is much more than a surfing dog, she is a rescue dog who captured the heart of Michael Uy.

Abbie surfs

Abbie surfs

Hawaii Surf Dogs

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“Hey, where’s da cat and da pig?”

“Excuse me?”

“Da cat and da pig? They told me there was a cat and a pig on a surf board last year.”

“There was… were, but not this year.”

“I came to see that cat and the pig.”

It seemed like a good idea when my buddies and I were talking

It seemed like a good idea when my buddies and I were talking

Philosophically, guys are not very deep. This is a prime example of the NASCAR mentality. This man did not come to see dogs display their surfing prowess; he came to be entertained. He did not come to see the cat and the pig ON THE BOARD… he came to see the chaos that ensues when a pig and a feline hit the water. The cat clawing to get back on the board, the pig… well, pigs are just not built for easy re-boarding. And the human in the middle of fur and paws and cloven hooves…chaos.

Yep, I'm going swimming instead

Yep, I’m going swimming instead

Still, despite the absence of feline and swine (sorry, I wanted that rhyme), the dogs of the 2017 Duke’s Oceanfeast GOING TO THE DOGS SURFUR COMPETITION provided a fair amount of humor, particularly when viewed through a 500mm lens. Just a few observations:

– Some dogs were hanging on as if their survival depended on it.

– At least one dog spent most of its rides being held by its human.

OK, you do the work

OK, you do the work

– Another reluctant furball rode on his human’s back… claws and paws while trying to maintain balance.

Stay steady, BALANCE, we could both end up in the water!

Stay steady, BALANCE, we could both end up in the water!

– Puppies would rather be in the water than on the board.

– Pet Moms were more stressed out than the human Moms, in the case where furballs were riding with teen surf pros.

– When dogs see the shoreline, and they are tired of surfing, they leave. Just jump off the board.

“So, what you think happened to da pig and da cat?”

“I’m sure the cat retired. No way the cat was coming back.”

“Da pig?”

“Not even going to think about it. Just not.” F.Y.I., the event was sponsored by Kono’s, a quirky café specializing in kalua pig and milkshakes.

Again and again, I would rather be swimming!

Again and again, I would rather be swimming!

This is a dog competition anyway. It was always supposed to be about the dogs.



Deb and Her Furbabies by Artist Keith Batcheller

Deb and Her Furbabies by Artist Keith Batcheller

I have known California artist Keith Batcheller since I was a little girl. His family and mine were part of a USC football picnic group. Through the years, I have followed is work; I had even toured his in-home studio years ago when we visited his mom and dad.

A composite of Photos. Take a group of photos, run them through a scanner, a little “Magic” and presto!

Sometime in May, my husband who loves to draw and has followed Keith’s career as well contacted Keith about doing a portrait of my fur-babies and me. We had been looking for a piece of art that would fit in a custom space, and what better than a work by an artist that you know and admire. Keith Batcheller agreed… to the challenge. Apparently, I am picky. For my clients that read this, they will note that I am very bossy and that I expect the images that leave my studio with my name on them to be publication ready. Poor Keith.

3-Final sketch

Sketches in Progress

Sketches in Progress

On top of that, Tim decided to ask Keith questions throughout the process, literally from the first lines on paper to the last brush stroke. How do you transfer the drawing? How do you “fix” the sketch on the canvas. How do you… anyway, Keith took it all in stride and sent us pictures of the work in various stages with explanations of his process. For me, the whole idea that a person can take a pencil and paper, make a few strokes of the hand and have those strokes be identifiable is remarkable. To take that a step further and using paint to make something bold and beautiful is an incredible gift.

Transfer of sketch to canvas

5-IMG_1614 6-IMG_1619 7-Studio

Transferring the sketch to canvas

Transferring the sketch to canvas

Tim sent Keith a group of photos. Since there were no photos of the five of us together, Keith was able to take the photos that best fit together and also showed the individual personalities of each of the furs. He worked with the angles and then began his drawings; the drawings went to canvas; he washed in the colors; and then he worked the details.9-IMG_1683 10-IMG_1683

Color and paint

Color and paint

Keith Batcheller has an incredible gift. And now, I have something, a gift from Keith that I will cherish always.

Finished canvas on the easel

Finished canvas on the easel

Finished canvas in Natural Light

Finished canvas in Natural Light

Keith can be contacted through his Facebook page: “Art of Keith Batcheller”

Lantern Floating Hawaii 2017

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Each year on Memorial Day, we watched the Lantern Floating Ceremony held at Ala Moana Beach Park. I thought, that is something that I must do. For me, the Lantern Festival became one of those bucket list things that just happened to be reachable by car.


Estimated crowd of 50,000 gather to launch lanterns of remembrance

Sorry, for those of you not from Oahu, the Lantern Festival is actually called Lantern Floating Hawaii. The event was first held here in 1999 at the Ke’ehi Lagoon, but, since 2002, the ceremony moved to Ala Moana Beach Park.

The paper lanterns are built in four sides surrounding a candle mounted on a tiny boat with a keel. People write memorial sentiments to departed loved ones on their lanterns, the candles are lit, the boats are placed in the water and the lanterns float into the sea.

And to what or whom did we dedicate our lantern? For those who know me best, they know the answer. For those who do not know me as well, but who know my passion, the question is also answered. We dedicated our lantern to those furry friends and family members who have left their indelible imprint on our souls… and then, left us, crossing over the rainbow bridge.Blog-IMG_6812Blog-IMG_6813Blog-IMG_6820

If Heaven is really Heaven, a place of unending happiness, then I surely expect the furballs that we remembered to be waiting there for us. Their tails will be wagging or their motors purring, but without them how will Heaven truly be heavenly.Blog-TC1A0374

2017 Hawaii Pet EXPO

Owner Deb and employee Tim pose at the Hawaii Pet EXPO

It’s that time of year once again, time for the Hawaii Pet EXPO. This year’s extravaganza will take place May 13th and 14th at the Neil Blaisdell Center in Honolulu. The event is free to the public, two and four-legged variety, and will be open 10am to 4pm both days.

Make sure to stop by Deb McGuire Pet Photography’s double booth for a chance to win fabulous prizes and stock up on her latest “I Paw Hawaii” dog calendars and books. Fabulous give-a-ways will also be available, so you won’t want to miss that!

Hawaii's best pet photographer

Tako’s mom Harri showing off his picture.

Don’t forget to say, “Aloha” to Deb’s wonderful booth babes. Fur model Tako will be there Saturday giving out paw-to-graphs; and on Sunday, island dogs Blitz and Bleier will be taking time out of their busy swim schedule to hang out in the booth.

Deb McGuire Pet Photographer

Best booth babe ever…..Tako.

photo by Deb McGuire Pet Photographer

Blitz and Bleier taking a quick swim before they attend the Hawaii Pet EXPO

Can’t wait to see you all there!!!!


Deb McGuire Pet Photography

2017 Hawaii PET EXPO

A Right “Naborly” Photoshoot!

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Jimbo and Candy

Jimbo and Candy

You know him best for playing the lovable and funny Gomer Pyle on the hit classics , The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle, USMC; but you may not know that Jim Nabors is a huge dog lover. I found this out recently when I was fortunate enough to photograph his three lovable pooches in his gorgeous waterfront home here on the island of Oahu.

When I arrived with my trusty assistant in tow, I was immediately greeted by Jimbo, Candy, and Ginny. Jimbo and Candy are two beautiful German Shepherds, and Ginny is the cutest little rescue ever adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society.



After a meet and greet with my three enthusiastic models, we proceeded down to the lower terrace to watch them get their pose on. Here are a few images from this Hawaii Pet Photographer’s ultimate photo session.

Jumbo going for a swim

Jumbo going for a swim

After clicking off the glam shots it was time to play, and what better way then taking a dip in the pool and chasing the best big red rubber ball ever (Jimbo’s description,not mine)

That Big Red Ball

That Big Red Ball

Jimbo and Ginny contemplate a dilemma.

Jimbo and Ginny contemplate a dilemma.


Thank you, Jim and Stan. The furry Nabors is not Stan, but thanks to Jimbo, too!

With perfect weather, an ideal setting and adorable models, I couldn’t ask for more, can’t wait for the next time…oh and there will be a next time!!! Thank you, Jim and Stan.

Hawaii Pet Photographer Deb McGuire

Best friends Blarney and Mango playing at Lanikai beach

Beach day with Blarney and Mango is definitely an adventure.

The event always starts bright and early in the morning, often before sunrise. Tim brews and drinks his coffee. He poops. He then dons his brightly colored board shorts. Funny thing about the sound of the Velcro fly on a pair of board shorts, it is distinctive enough, that upon hearing that sound, Blarney and Mango know it’s going to be a great day. After prepping their overly worn pastel pink beach bag with fresh water, doggie poop bags, “The” floatie toy, and their Poochie Mama leashes and collars, we’re off.

dogs at the beach

Blarney models his Pooch Mama collar photo by Deb McGuire

The dogs each have their own seat in the extended cab of our Ford Ranger pickup truck (the one that is the perfect size for Hawaii, but that Ford stopped making), Mango sits quietly behind her dad (the driver) and Blarney sits behind me. For those of you who have had the pleasure of driving to the beach with Blarney, you know it’s anything but a relaxing experience. I’m quite certain if we could bottle the energy he exudes during the ride, we could send a rocket to Mars and back within 24 hours. He whines the entire way, getting louder the closer we get to the beach. So loud in fact, that Tim and I cannot carry on a conversation. The Blarney bonus is that he slobbers. Hence, I often take the ride with a towel draped over my shoulder.

By the time we arrive, Blarney is often exhausted and Mango is in the front seat. Safely parked, we humans take…one…last…calming…breath. We look at each other and without saying it, silently ask ourselves and each other ARE WE READY TO DO THIS?! AND THEN, the real fun begins. Blarney is allowed off leash but Mango can’t be trusted to behave politely amongst others so her Poochie Mama attire stays on. It’s waterproof so she is able to play and splash in the shallow waters without ruining her stylish gear.

water dogs of Hawaii

Flying high in Lanikai photo by Deb McGuire

Tim removes Blarney’s ensemble and launches his toy into the crystal blue waters of Lanikai. Blarney soars. He gets air like no other dog I’ve seen, so high in fact that even locals stop to watch. Blarney quickly retrieves the floatie and heads for shore. Mango waits anxiously for him to swim to shallow waters so she can go for the steal. The moment Blarney enters striking distance she grabs his prized possession and takes off with Tim in tow. Needless to say, it becomes a tangled but comical mess of two dogs, a leash and a middle-aged man. The result, Blarney gets the toy back and Tim often takes a header. I sit back and watch in amusement.

photo by Deb McGuire

Mango enjoys the shallow waters of Lanikai

After repeating this ritual several more times, we head home, which incidentally is a much quieter ride than when we first started out. With everyone and everything covered in sand and salt water, it’s time for a bath, breakfast and a very long nap.

Hawaii Pet Photographer Deb McGuire

Blarney surfs the waves of Lanikai Beach-Photo by Deb McGuire


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photo by Deb McGuire Pet Photography

Black Magic Scarlett McGuire celebrates her 15th birthday


If I roll away from her, she’ll leave.

“Meow!” OK, maybe not.

“MEOW!” She’s yelling now. She’s yelling for me to get up. I don’t want to get up. The sun is not up.

She gets louder! Seemingly impossible, she most assuredly gets louder. “MEOW! MEOW!” She moves to a position above my head. From that perch, she looks down. I feel her eyes burning on the back of my head. She is looking through my skull and my brain, straight into my eyeballs. If I turn over, I will be admitting defeat. “MEOW! MEOW!” She is becoming more insistent… and unfortunately, in my effort to ignore her, my body has awakened and nature is now calling. I look up from my pillow.

“Alright, you win.” I get up. She meows more softly now. She knows she has won. She is the smallest entity in our house and she is by far the most powerful.

She is Magic, and Magic turns 15 today… Happy Birthday, Magic. What a wonderful 15 years it has been!

© Deb McGuire

Hawaii black cat Magic turns 15

© Deb McGuire Pet Photography

Growing up, I had mixed feelings about Easter. On the downside, was the new dress. My mother always insisted on buying me a festive frock and shoes for the occasion. The problem, I was a tomboy; I hated wearing dresses. Add to that, my holiday wardrobe was completed by a pair of blindingly shiny, white patent leather shoes that had the effect of making my feet appear twice as large as they actually were. And of course, the reason for buying and wearing this ensemble was our annual trip to God’s house to try to save my relatively new soul. Without fail, we would stand at the rear of the church for the entire service, since my stepfather was perpetually late. If you have ever stood for a prolonged period of time on a marble floor in brand new patent leather shoes, you feel the pain that I felt each Easter Sunday of my childhood.

The upsides to Easter were as you would expect for a child. For starters, spring break coincided with the holiday. I would often head straight for the powder packed ski slopes of California, Utah, or whatever nearby state had an abundance of snow for the season.

Blog-6I0V9514And, of course, my mother always put together beautiful Easter baskets for my two much older sisters and me. The whimsical baskets always contained a new “stuffed friend” (usually, either a rabbit or chicken) and chocolate bunnies and eggs from See’s Candies. The See’s chocolate buttercream egg with walnuts was and is still my favorite.

And while as a human, I have mixed memories and feelings about Easter, I know, that for pets, Easter can be downright dangerous. So, I thought that I might take this chance to point out some of the hazards of the holiday. With a little care and vigilance, we pet lovers can avoid situations that might endanger our beloved furballs.

If you are fortunate enough to have a four-footed friend living in your home or under your care, here are some things you may want to be aware of:Unknown

Plastic Easter Eggs.
Some people set up Easter egg hunts for their dogs…not a good idea, in fact it’s a very bad and often fatal idea. If your furry friend were to grab the egg too aggressively in their mouth, they could shatter the plastic and ingest the fragments.

Avoid Easter egg hunts with your dog

Plastic Easter eggs are dangerous to dogs and cats.

That means sharp shards of plastic moving through their digestive tract ripping and tearing the thin membranes as they tumble through. The result could mean a trip to the emergency Vet on a holiday.

If you want to give your furry friend an Easter treat, put it inside an appropriate toy that is deemed to be pet-safe. I recommend KONG interactive toys. They are durable, entertaining and safe.

Easter basket grass is dangerous for pets

Plastic Easter Grass. This often colorful Easter basket decoration looks almost too much like grass, and can be way too inviting for your furballs, particularly those that like to cleanse their palates by chewing a bit of Kentucky Blue or Fescue. The problem is that the strands do not break up nor do they break down. Your pet could end up with a long strand of plastic trapped in their GI tract and cause many problems including vomiting, diarrhea and a decrease in appetite.

Chocolate is not good for pets

Chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate! Unfortunately, dogs like it as much as humans do. And while we may feel ill from eating too much, a dog can get very sick from digesting just a small amount. That’s because chocolate contains methylxanthines, compounds that include caffeine and theobromine which are extremely bad for dogs. This reminds me of my neighbor’s fur baby back in North Carolina. Pepper, an obnoxious but cute miniature Schnauzer, discovered a two-pound box of Godiva chocolate while her parents were away.

Chocolate is dangerous for dogs and cats

When they returned home, they found their carpets had been destroyed (doggie diarrhea and puke will do that) and Pepper had to be rushed to the Vet to get her tummy pumped. Depending on how much and what kind of chocolate your dog eats, (the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is) symptoms can range from vomiting and diarrhea to tremors, seizures and even death. Fortunately, Pepper lived… but her near death experience did nothing to improve her charming personality.

Deb McGuire Pet Photography

Easter Lilies can be deadly to pets

Easter lilies. This was a big no-no in my house growing up, because we lived amongst plant nibblers. Named after my favorite cat cartoons, Tom, Jerry and Felix liked their vegetation. Even today, Shammy partakes in a bit of green from time to time. Unfortunately, a tiny bite of a lily plant is toxic to pets and can lead to the death of your cat. “Exposure to any parts of the plant can lead to severe kidney problems and gastrointestinal upset.” according to leading Veterinary doctors. So my advice, opt for catnip instead.

So, to review, while Easter is arguably the cornerstone holiday of the Christian world, the human trappings of the blessed day do not necessarily translate to the furry denizens of our homes. However, you can avoid the possible devastation with a little bit of common sense. Cancel the pet’s trip to the annual plastic egg hunt, resist the need to fill your Easter baskets with plastic grass, keep the chocolate for yourself and out of the reach of the counter surfing canines, and find something besides an Easter lily to add that floral touch to your holiday décor.

Oh, and from all of us at Deb McGuire Pet Photography, have a Happy and safe Easter!

Deb McGuire Pet Photographer presents the cover of the 2018 "I PAW HAWAII" dog calendar, featuring photographs by pet photographer Deb McGuire, Hawaii's best Pet Photographer

“I PAW HAWAII” 2018 Cover

It’s hard to believe, I created my first Hawaii pet photography calendar for Island Heritage Publications more than five years ago. Our collaboration has been very fulfilling and a refreshing change from a previous experience. I had worked with another local publisher the year prior, but was not happy with their distribution and pay structure, so I chose to look for someone who appreciated the quality and popularity of my photography. That past publisher’s quality was geared more toward novice professionals, photographers who needed to learn the difference between a good and bad contract. The publisher attracted photographers who lacked attention to detail in their images, and the publisher’s product reflected that inattentiveness. Fortunately, I knew the difference in regards to quality and contract; and I walked away… very soon thereafter, I found my way to Island Heritage Publications.

This is the back cover of Deb McGuire's 2018 I PAW HAWAII Dog Calendar. Deb has been voted Hawaii's best Pet Photographer and this calendar features her work. The back cover includes all the images of dogs photographed for this years calendar.


And so, here we are, Deb McGuire Pet Photography and Island Heritage, celebrating the fifth year of the “I PAW HAWAII” dog calendar. Take a look at the cover. These are the same dogs who were part of our tribute to the iconic Waikiki beach boys, Duke Kahanamoku, his family and friends. These dogs are true professionals that I was honored to photograph. FYI-They were NOT charged a monetary fee to be in my calendar. In fact, I never charge anyone to be in any of my publications. I find it tacky, tacky, ridiculously tacky to do so. Some advice, if another less skilled photographer does ask for money to be a part of their production… RUN…it means they aren’t good enough to make it without your



money and the money from the publisher as well. For me, the reward comes from working with so many wonderful and talented dogs. I truly enjoyed engaging with this group and with all the models who are a part of my newest calendar. Five years, WOW, here’s to many more.

The “I PAW HAWAII” calendar is available at retail stores throughout the islands including Longs, airport gift stores, Wal-Mart, military exchanges and the Island Heritage website.

They sell out fast so if you can’t find the calendars, send me a message.